About Us

Welcome to our all new The Good Health Company trade website.

Our background in the Health & Nutrition industry goes back to 1995 when we started out in retail, in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

Over the years we have steadily built up trade relationships throughout Ireland, the UK and into mainland Europe.

We deal with a diverse range of retailers and as demand for “healthy ingredients” continues to evolve we believe that our inventory offers products and brands of interest for any trade business interested in the Health & Nutrition category.

Whilst our historic DNA is Sports Nutrition with hero brands like Maximuscle & CNP we have over the years diversified into many other health related categories.

We offer leading brands in key areas like and for example:.

Vegan and Vegetarian Choices.

Environmental friendly / Sustainable Offerings.

Snacking & Street Food Solutions:

Free From Options – Sugar / Dairy / Gluten Free & Much More:

Today’s market has certainly moved on since 1995 and indeed with easy accessibility of the internet combined with quick to obtain information and therefore product availability has only accelerated the market and diversity of choice for the customer interested in all things healthy and sustainability friendly choices.

We are familiar with the issues that many retailers face with competition from the internet and are happy to guide retailers willing to work with us on solutions that do not involve heavy discounting to help your drive your business upwards and yet maintain margin.

Given your knowledge of your retail market place and perhaps our knowledge of our market place we believe we can work together as equal partners to help your customers make the best choice of product at pricing they will appreciate.

We hope you like our website and find it easy to use, with high in stock levels and at pricing to make you and therefore your customers smile.

All backed up with swift, fast delivery and top levels of customer service.

If you are currently working with us or indeed wish too reach out – you can request a call where we will arrange a time to suit to call you during business hours or potentially out of normal business hours away from retail distractions should you wish to progress with business.

We would like to thank all our customers old and new for their continued support. 

We believe the investment we have made in our new website can be a useful contribution as part of your supply arrangements.

Likewise we also want any potential new suppliers to note that we believe in fair trade in all aspects of supply terms.

Finally thank you to all our customers and suppliers for your patience whilst this website was in development and we look forward to your anticipated continued support.

Yours in Health

The Good Health Company

Enquiries Welcome:  tradeteam@thegoodhealthcompany.co.uk