Adapt Nutrition Intra-Amino BCAA 375g Green Apple

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  • Adapt Nutrition Intra Amino BCAAs is a high quality branch chain amino acid formula that has been made to the highest quality which features a great dosage of BCAAs.
  • It provides you with 13mg of Amino Acids per serving which help with protein synthesis.
  • Adapt Nutrition Intra Amino BCAAs is made up of essential amino acids. These are amino acids that our body doesn’t create but needs for optimal health.
  • They are called Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. It can be taken during a workout to help keep your body replenished of amino acids.
  • It can also be taken throughout the day to help keep amino acids elevated throughout.
  • Adapt Nutrition Intra Amino BCAAs also contains Potassium and Sodium. Potassium is an electrolyte. As we sweat, we lose electrolytes from our body which help maintain energy levels.
  • It may help with muscle contraction and prevent cramping. It is your perfect intra workout shake, the ingredient help hugely and the flavouring is amazing.

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