Shipping & Returns

We appreciate every single order and so we will endeavour to dispatch every order received before midday the same working weekday.

This only deviates on Public Bank Holidays or exceptional circumstances.

We want to re assure you we actually work 7 days a week this involves dispatch preparation and order picking for next order dispatch.

We do this to ensure that on the 5 days a week we dispatch we get as many orders away as possible.

We are hard working and diligent.

We use a number of different couriers and all couriers we use have been selected as they offer a reliable and trusted service.

All our couriers at present only collect 5 days a week.

However for example goods collected from us on a Friday will continue to make their way through the courier network and experience has shown us that those particular goods will be in general be out for delivery on a Monday / Tuesday the following week but we cannot guarantee this.

Past experience has told us that in times of bad weather for example high winds which cause boat delays, times of the year when there are spikes in the courier network for example early to mid December due to Christmas can cause delay in deliveries.

In this type of situation we would ask for your patience as ultimately these are issues beyond our control while we work with courier companies to resolve any potential delivery delay.

We are also a trusted platform seller too where swift delivery is paramount we have maintained a 99.99% service level reward which is in the top 1% of our industry for service which includes swift accurate dispatch and delivery.

Different methods of dispatch take different amounts of time to get to you.

But its “fair” to say that each order should reach you the customer within 3-5 working days if not before.

We try to under promise and over deliver in terms of delivery.

We use a signed for policy on most orders and this will involve the courier requiring a signiture before leaving goods at the delivery address.

If they cannot obtain this signiture on the first delivery attempt they will try two more times before the item (s) are deemed as un deliverable and will be returned to us.

In this event of the item (s) being returned to us if the item (s) arrive back to us in a re saleable condition we will refund you on your purchase.

We will deduct £6 per order for the shipping and handling cost implicated in a failed delivery.

As all payments on our website go through Paypal for our protection and yours we only ship to the verified Purchase address.

We do not deviate from this whatsoever so any messages after purchase requiring shipping to any other address other than the Paypal address we simply do not alter this policy so therefore we will refund in full.

We always aim to please and ensure customer satisfaction so if you find when you receive your item that you are not happy with it we will accept it back.

Before returning the item we would ask that you would contact us preferably by mail to inform us of the issue and to assertain if we can work through whatever the issue maybe.

We will endeavour at all times to be as “fair” as possible and if we reach a conclusion that a return has occured due to an error or product inferiority on our end we will refund you in full.

We will also pay for the return postage to up lift the item in order that you can feel the benefit of a fair and safe money back return policy.

Any product related issue needs to be dealt with inside 14 days of delivery.

After this settling time period we cannot be held responsible for any issue.

We do not offer any refund for any opened product, however if you decide to return a product to us because of a taste, flavour or quality issue we will return this product to the relevent brand or supplier in question for testing and opinion.

If they decide or are happy to provide us with a credit for the returned item we will happily pass this onto you our customer.

We will also cover any delivery charges incurred during this process.

At all times we will endeavour to act in a fair manner, we realise that not all deliveries will be trouble free but we have a track record of doing everything possible before dispatch to ensure we get it right.

And we also have a track record of doing everything possible to sort out any unforseen delivery issues out.

Unfortunately we have also seen a number of fraudulent transactions over the years and we have seen many different ways of fraud taking place too.

The internet can be a steep learning curve so we would ask any potential consumers thinking about trying to take advantage of any potential naivety from us to stay away.

We are very experienced in etailing and we have an uncanny ability to recognise fraudsters or scammers. If this is you this site is not for you.

Again to clarify we only ship to verified Paypal address’s we NEVER deviate away from this and all payments go through Paypal.

If you do not agree with these terms then this site is not for you, we are very hard working, professional and courteous to all customers but if we suspect that there is a fraud or product scam going on we will report you to the relevent authority and block you from doing any further future business with us.

We hope any of this does not apply to you as in our experience we have found 99.9% of our customers to be reliable and trustworthy and appreciative of the effort we make so we hope this clarifies our Shipping & Returns policy.

Its a policy based on “fairness” and we hope you will feel confident and trust us to make a fair and accurate call in the unlikely event of a delivery related issue and subsequent return.

Thank you for your business